MAINTENANCE, Enhancements and upgrades to BadgeOS digital rewards software product for educational institutions.

BadgeOS is a free plugin for WordPress that lets users easily create achievements and award sharable digital badges as users succeed and reach certain milestones. It empowers anyone using WordPress to use the platform as a community, encourage engagement and achieve recognition. The product is developed by Learning Times, a leader in building communities, organizing programs and events that engage audience both online and offline in the education domain.

BadgeOS helps educational institutions and businesses create an achievement and badge management system using WordPress. The plugin offers a platform to showcase user achievements for activities such as replying to a forum post or uploading answers to a questionnaire. As users complete or reach achievement levels, they receive badges which can be redeemed for user benefits.


The primary issue the client wanted to address was fixing the existing digital rewards system as the platform was limited in its ability to create, manage and provide custom solutions. They required an improved platform so additional features could be added on to existing installations when needed. This would help BadgeOS both broaden their reach and grow their client base.

The client was therefore looking for a technology partner who could support them in their unique venture of building a more scalable and customized application.


After carefully evaluating several content management system (CMS) vendors, Asahi Technologies was selected as BadgeOS’ new IT partner to implement an improved online solution. We stood out among the competition because we had an expert PhP team, and could offer custom module development for Wordpress using Core PhP; the perfect fit for BadgeOS.

Asahi Technologies carefully reviewed existing code and built an enhanced and scalable, multi-functional application using WordPress and BuddyPress.


Working closely with the client, Asahi Technologies helped solve long-standing software issues.

The new customizations enriched the existing features of BadgeOS and enabled them to build a product that is more robust, with powerful features, boosting the product marketability.

Due to new these
new customizations

BadgeOS can sell their product to more clients and appeal to both new and existing clients with a more robust feature set.

Badge OS - Increase in marketability

Clients are loyal to the product because all of their unique needs in terms of awards / recognitions are met.

The CMS and Buddy Press applications allow school administrators, teachers and students to create groups for engagement and send the invite codes generated by the application to help invite participants to the group.

As a result of the work done by our team, the platform has better scalability. BadgeOS has continued to work with our team for adding further enhancements to the platform.

If you have an application that requires a digital makeover, robust capabilities and powerful features, we can help.