There's no doubt, technological innovation is a wonderful thing.

It can reduce costs in the long run, improve operational efficiencies and help businesses stay competitive. Naturally, this means there's an increasing need for IT projects and qualified resources to bring these ideas to life, but not every business is equipped with an in-house tech team or has the resources to build one from the ground up.

Not having the technical support to launch an application or website can be a risky venture.

Not having the technical expertise to build applications that are critical to the success of your business, is not a welcome situation for any business.

However, it's a situation that Asahi Technologies can mitigate with staff augmentation.

Whether you're a startup or a medium to large enterprise, hiring the right resources and qualified tech experts such as developers, programmers, and project managers to support web applications can be daunting. We know first-hand that organizations spend huge amounts of time and money hiring staffing consultants to help identify the right candidates to help businesses.

That's why we offer our clients ongoing support from our pool of hand selected IT experts through our staff augmentation services.

We ensure that you get the right fit

We ensure that you get the right fit
Our dedicated development team will enhance and support your web applications:

Asahi Technologies staff augmentation services allows you to work with a committed team of qualified IT professionals to develop, deploy, maintain and support your website and applications. In essence, our team helps by filling the skill gap in your team by adding our qualified experts so that your website and or web applications always operate smoothly. If something isn’t working the way it's supposed to, rest assured you have the right team to rectify the situation immediately.

Our dedicated development team will enhance and support your web applications

We select experts from our pool of engineers to form teams with skills suitable for your project. Our team includes web application experts such as developers, quality control engineers, project managers, UI developers, all of whom are well-versed at what they do. We provide staff augmentation services for the following technology stacks:

When you invest with staff augmentation services from Asahi Technologies, here's what you can expect:

Benefits of staff augmentation - Time tracking and reporting

Time tracking and reporting

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Time tracking and reporting:

Every member of the team assigned to you fills out timesheets with details of daily tasks on an industry standard software project management tool such as JIRA. At the end of the month, a consolidated report is sent to you for review.

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Benefits of staff augmentation - Task and project management

Task and project management

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Task and project management:

We use industry standard task and project management tools ensuring complete accountability and transparency in project execution.

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Benefits of staff augmentation - Source code repository

Source code repository

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Source code repository:

All the code developed by the team is checked in daily into industry standard source code control systems, namely Bitbucket and GitHub.

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Benefits of staff augmentation - Intellectual propery protection

Intellectual property

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Intellectual property protection:

We have elaborate IP protection policies and procedures in place to ensure that your data is secure and protected at every phase of project execution.

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Benefits of staff augmentation - Periodic code review

Periodic code

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Periodic code reviews:

We perform frequent internal code reviews to ensure that the code written by one developer is reviewed by another developer, enabling efficient programming.

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Asahi technologies - Benefits of Staff augmentation
Benefits of staff augmentation - Eliminate financial strain

Financial Strain

Eliminate the financial strain of hiring consultants to find the right person to join your team.

Benefits of staff augmentation - Eliminate resource strain

Resource Strain

Eliminate the resource strain of training your in-house IT team to complete a project that was due yesterday.

Benefits of staff augmentation - Eliminate recruitment strain

Stress of Recruiting

Eliminate the stress of recruiting a candidate for a short duration to meet your most critical business needs.

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Benefit from our staff augmentation services and know that your applications & technology infrastructure is in good hands, always.