Firelab is a startup founded by a former fire safety inspector, who identified a need for a software product that could provide ease of use and mobility to fire inspectors on the field. Aries is a software product developed by Firelab. It is a complete fire safety inspection and testing software that simplifies the way inspectors manage, organize, and execute commercial and residential fire safety inspections.


Firelab was born from the identification of the need to automate the fire inspection process from start-to-finish. The heavily regulated fire safety inspection industry is entrusted with the task of completing annual fire safety inspections for commercial and residential buildings. Any building not certified by an authorized fire safety inspection company could face heavy penalties for violation of the law. However, this process is lengthy, often requires revisits to sites due to documentation error, and reporting tends to be slow.

The client, a former fire safety inspector, saw the opportunity to develop a software product that streamlined the fire safety inspection process, provided quicker report generation, and used less manpower to get the job done - an easy sell to fire safety inspection companies.

For years, the industry relied on manual processes to capture data, but not anymore. The client was determined to change that, and was looking for a partner to build an automated, intuitive, next-generation application to streamline the fire safety inspection process.


The client was looking to replace a paper-based process with a digital solution that will completely eliminate the need to document important observations during the inspection process on paper. The key objective was to create a software solution that would allow inspectors to document this information on their preferred mobile device, which is usually a smart phone or tablet.

The following were the key capabilities for this software solution implemented by our team:

Here are some of the key elements the software addressed:

Firelab - Optimized for various device size


The application is optimized for various devices so that the fire safety inspectors can use this software on their existing smart phones which they anyways owned, rather than investing on a new device. The software works with smartphones, laptops and tablets - inspectors choose the device they are comfortable with.

Firelab - Offline data inputs

Offline access:

The software works in any place where the fire safety equipment is installed - from rooftops to basements several stories below ground level. Hence, most of the data input into the application can be done offline.

Firelab - Digital signature capture

Digital Signature Capture:

The software allows fire inspectors to sign each report directly from the devices with a stylus.

Firelab - Save on the go

Save as you go:

As fire safety inspectors tend to work on multiple reports at one time, the application enables them to do that without losing information on any of the reports.

Firelab - Solutions for each challenges faced


We designed and developed an end-to-end software solution that helped fire inspectors capture data through web-based forms, store information in a cloud database and provide access to reports anytime, anywhere.

  • Firelab - Improved productivity

    Improved productivity

  • Firelab - Reduced operational costs, man hours and human error

    Reduced operational costs, man hours and human error

  • Firelab - Multi level access based on user roles

    Multi-level access to inspection reports depending on user's role

Firelab - Developed end-to-end software solution that helped fire inspectors
  • Firelab - Accelerated inspection and report generation process

    Accelerated inspection and report generation process

  • Firelab - Real-time interaction between inspectors, office employees and management

    Real-time interaction between inspectors, office employees and management

Report customization:

Fire inspection companies can add their logo and customize the inspection report to match their branding guidelines.

Real-time interactions:

Fire inspection companies can generate and distribute reports in real-time, eliminating substantial amount of time and effort.

Operational cost reduction

Fire inspectors, fire inspection firms and clients can get anytime anywhere access to reports. This enables fire inspection companies to save significant man hours and associated costs, achieved through streamlining and automation of inspection processes through a digital process.

Centralized data management:

The cloud-based server helps store information in a secure and centralized location. It provides anytime, anywhere access to inspection reports. Any past reports are viewable with the click of a button.

Productivity optimization:

Automation helps eliminate manual errors, accelerate the inspection process and enhance productivity.

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