In the last two decades, Java has increasingly become the preferred platform for enterprise application development. Our team of SUN certified Java Developers and SCRUM certified Project Managers have developed a number of Java solutions over the years.

We combine quality with scalability to create robust and scalable solutions. We work with startups and SMEs, and provide the following Java-based solutions:

Java Enterprise Application Development:

Our team of highly experienced Java programmers, automation testers, and project leads has a vast experience in building mission-critical Enterprise Java Applications on multi-tiered environments.

Web, E-commerce, and Digital Applications:

We perform a detailed analysis of your requirements, and offer the best-in-class solutions in Java. Our experience includes e-commerce projects, Internet portals, Intranet portals, next-generation social networking solutions, and digital asset and storage management.

We combine quality with scalability to create robust and scalable solutions

Java Application Re-Engineering and Migration:

We have extensive experience in helping businesses migrate from their legacy applications, and database re-engineering.

Java's capability as a reliable, secure, and scalable platform for building high performance solutions is an accepted fact, worldwide. We have successfully deployed many Model-view-controller (MVC) solutions in Java, using several combinations of tools for front-end, database, and business layer.

We combine quality with scalability to create robust and scalable solutions

Presentation Layer Solutions:

Our team of veteran developers and projects managers recognize the need for intuitive and interactive Java presentation solutions. Our team’s expertise includes JSP, FreeMarker, AngularJS, AJAX, and HTML5, ensuring an improved usability and interface experience.

We combine quality with scalability to create robust and scalable solutions

Business Logic Layer Solutions:

We recognize that Java business layer captures the core business functionality of any application. Our systems and methods are geared to best develop the application business layer by leveraging Service-Oriented Architecture and well established server technologies such as WebLogic, Tomcat, GlassFish, and Terracotta.

Presentation, Persistence and Data Layer Solutions

Persistence and Data Layer Solutions:

Our team of experienced software specialists offers time-tested and versatile expertise in developing Java persistence layer and applications databases, using Java native capabilities as well as open-source frameworks such as Hibernate, iBATIS, and more. We work with open source databases such as MySQL, Mongo DB, and PostGreSQL.

Why Asahi Technologies?

Our focus on quality and your business needs ensures a highly customized and enduring solution for all your organization's Java requirements.

Some of the key differentiators of our organization are:


Domain Knowledge:

Our team of highly-skilled Java professionals ensures best-in-class solutions for all your Java needs. With our extensive experience in developing Java solutions for several businesses, we always ensure scalability, security, and best practices for any Java solution that we build.


Client Focus:

At Asahi Technologies, we adopt a partnership approach with our clients where we support your goals and objectives by considering ourselves as stakeholders in your business.


Cross Platform, Device and Technology Support :

Our Java services extend across multi-platform and technology systems. We offer Java expertise in mobile, digital, e-commerce, and, domains.

Asahi technologies java development - Extensive domain knowledge
Asahi technologies java development - Client focus
Asahi technologies java development - Cross Platform, Device and Technology Support

Java Technology Stack

Java Technology Stack

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