Warehouse Cables, founded by a former IT admin, is a retail business specializing in network cabling products. They sell computer and network cable products and accessories, copper and fiber optic cables and other custom cable products. In addition to this, they provide customer service and expert advice on networking.


WarehouseCables.com was originally built using PDG Commerce, an Ecommerce platform without wide development support. PDG Commerce was no longer serving the needs of the company, and required extensive customized development to implement new features and workflows. The limitations of PDG Commerce were holding back the growth and evolution of Warehouse Cables, and was inconsistently processing orders, causing lost revenue. It became apparent that a migration to a more modern Ecommerce platform was required.

For Warehouse Cables, it was important to identify a platform that would be actively supported, and would have a strong network of developers and add-ons for future growth and expansion. Magento was selected as the ideal platform to use going forward, due to it’s endless enhancements and built-in SEO features.


We developed a new Magento Site for Warehouse cables, with the following features

Warehouse cables - Solution infograph


After development, Warehouse Cables was able to able to launch a new modern site, with greater reliability, to act as a strong foundation to build on into the future. They experienced the following benefits:

Warehouse results workin with Asahi technologies - Better SEO integration

Better SEO and Integration with Google Analytics, allowing the company to better identify and target customers

Warehouse results workin with Asahi technologies - Better consumer experience

Orders consistently completed, providing a better customer experience and increased revenue

Warehouse results workin with Asahi technologies - Active user accounts, making it easier to engage the customer base

Active user accounts, making it easier to engage the customer base for ongoing business

If you have an e-commerce portal that you think needs a makeover, or are looking to build one from scratch for your retail business, we can certainly help.